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‘Reinventing Performance Management’ Mini-Series #4: Promote a Culture of Transparency through Regular Check-Ins and Active Support.

The proverbial ‘open door policy’ is now becoming an essential tool in an effective, lasting successful performance management structure. Along with this, regular check ins with team members by those in management positions is a critical step in promoting a culture of present-oriented feedback and communication that propels success, buy-in, and vested interest in moving…
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Technology and Culture Rule- and Success is Fun (and Motivating)! Sparks Group’s Steve Sparks and Evette Baker Attend the 2017 SIA North America Executive Forum

Last week, our very own Steve Sparks and Evette Baker attended the 2017 SIA Executive Forum North America event in San Diego, CA. The event brought together several luminaries across the staffing and human capital industries, to discuss key issues under the larger theme of ‘Dare to Lead,’ tackling specific ways that leadership style and…
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‘Reinventing Performance Management’ Mini-Series #3: Focus on Helping People Use their Strengths – What Would Team Leaders DO with Each Team Member – vs. What they THINK of Them.

In short, it’s not you, it’s them. While this may seem obvious, especially when it comes to issues related to performance management and team-building, it is critical to understand the distinction between what you THINK of an employee - and what you would DO with them. This shift in mindset encourages the focus to rest…
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‘Reinventing Performance Management’ Mini-Series #2: Yearly Reviews, 360-Degree Feedback, and Cascading Objectives- Relics of a Bygone Era.

Gone are the days of ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to managing your employees and keeping your staff teams engaged. Instead, to drive ever-greater returns from your talent - the essential building block in most service businesses - it’s becoming increasingly necessary to prioritize a customized approach coupled with a speedy, agile, and open culture. While…
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